Mary Ann Markowitz & Associates,
Traditional Excellence in Financial & Accounting Recruitment

A college diploma today gets a new graduate in accounting or finance a nice start―a $50,000 base salary, plus hiring incentives and benefits. And if you’re a company treasurer, the national average for total cash compensation is almost $250,000 a year, according to one national study.

Talent is tough to find, especially in Dallas-Fort Worth. Top talent—the cream of the crop—is especially difficult. Today’s bull market for accounting and finance professionals is a challenge that employers can rarely manage, day to day. Losing employees is another performance obstacle. High talent demand means employees are being wooed and wowed by competitors. And one bad hire by an employer? That can cost a company as much as three times an employee’s annual compensation package (this includes not only base salary, but commission and bonus), according to a Harvard Business School study.

The answer for talent management in accounting and finance is relationship management—knowing, fulfilling and connecting people to people; companies to candidates, candidates to companies. Mary Ann Markowitz & Associates (MAM), a Dallas provider of accounting and finance recruitment services, is the connector, adviser, supporter and facilitator for individuals within a company who seek financial talent of all types—permanent of temporary, full time or part time, senior executives to the most recent college graduate. Since the company’s formation in January 2003, MAM has resisted the typical recruitment approach to matchmaking between companies and job candidates— a high-volume, transaction-focused, commission-driven flurry that pushes talent in and out of organizations.

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Mary Ann Markowitz