Set Yourself Free by Leaving Your Past Behind

Everyone has a past. You’ve experienced exciting moments and beautiful memories that you’ll keep with you forever. Yet, you’ve also likely been through situations that were challenging and full of heartache. Certain things are always better left in the past. But how?

Put this knowledge to work to let go of your past actively:

  1. Avoid trying to deny your past. It’s best to face up to what has transpired.
  2. Acknowledge your understanding of the painful events. Although we sometimes lack understanding about why those around us did what they did or how certain events happened (if we were young children at the time), we can use our adult reasoning skills to determine why things might have happened.
  3. If you’re unable to gain an understanding, it’s okay. You may have struggled to make sense of things, but come up empty. Certain things are unable to be explained or understood.
  4. Ask yourself if you’re ready to let go. Maybe you’ve unconsciously used your past to avoid moving forward and going after the life you deserve. Are you indeed willing to let it go and start living a happier, more serene life?
  5. Your past contributes to who you are today. Recognize that, although some elements of your past may be upsetting, you are who you are because of your childhood, parents, education, and other events from your past.
    • Seek to find strength in the fact that you are made up of many things. You’re so much more than the negative experiences you’ve lived through.
  6. Look for life lessons. Ask yourself what you may have learned from the painful events. 
  7. Avoid becoming cynical or pessimistic. Avoid thinking things like, “No one will ever love me again,” or “Everything I’m involved in turns out poorly.”
  8. Seek support when you need it. If you find yourself clinging to the negativity of your past, you might want to seek professional help to aid you in working through and releasing it.
  9. Stage your letting go ceremony. When you’re ready to release the things from your past that weigh you down, have a ceremony to mark the end of your pain.
    • For example, you could make a list of past events or situations that have troubled you. Then, you can say aloud, “I’m done hurting from all of these things, and they’re not going to affect my life ever again negatively.” Next, go to a safe place, such as a fire pit, fireplace, or campfire, and set fire to your list. Watch that list burn!
    • When it’s gone, say, “I’ve taken power over you. My life without you starts now.”
    • Another example of a ceremony to let go is to collect a stone for each of your past hurts. Then, go to a lake or pond and throw each stone into the water, one at a time. You can say something like, “It’s time to let you go. You’ll no longer bring pain or sorrow to me.”
    • Designing your letting-go ceremony can be liberating, so if you have ideas on how to release your old hurts, go for it.

You can let go of your past if you apply these strategies. It will take some focus and effort, but you have the power to embrace a new beginning. Discover the freedom of leaving your past behind.


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