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Building an inspiring and Comfortable Office Space

People are effected by their physical surroundings. That is why many cutting edge companies like Google and Apple maintain expansive campuses with facilities that rival the best private clubs and gyms. Maintaining a comfortable and inviting work space is now essential for increasing productivity and retaining talent. While upgrading offices will require a financial investment the bottom line could improve and you will be more likely to retain your best employees.

Not every company is in the position to build an elaborate campus but that doesn’t mean that a manager can’t improve the office space through less expensive and extensive means. For example, studies have suggested that employees work better in natural light than under artificial light. Selecting an office with a lot of windows and natural lighting can also increase productivity and create a more welcoming work environment. Switching your light bulbs to softer bulbs can also increase productivity and make employees happier.

Another cheap and effective option is to place live plants and fauna around the office. A few plants can help take the edge off an office space and make the whole environment feel warmer and more natural. Plants can also spice up the office and mask the often drab and simple decorations. Plants will require some maintenance, of course, but the results will be well worth the extra effort.

If you have the room you can also create an employee R&R space with some bean bags, or a couple of comfortable couches. This gives employees a space they can retreat to when they are feeling stressed or overwhelmed with work. This space will allow employees to relax and “escape” for a few minutes. Relaxed and comfortable employees almost always work more productively than stressed and tired workers.

Ergonomic chairs, desks, and keyboards are also a great and simple way to increase comfort levels. If employees have to sit in uncomfortable chairs or work with uncomfortable equipment it increases the likelihood of increased water and bathroom breaks. Employees will practically be compelled to get up and stretch their legs and rest their hands. Comfortable employees, on the other hand, will be able to work for longer periods of time without taking a break.

There are many options for improving your office space so you should take a few minutes to do some research and think about what will work best in your office. If you have the time, why not check out Google and other companies’ work environments? Most companies with such advanced work spaces are quick to show off their office spaces so research can be quiet easy and inspiring. You can also talk with HR and office space specialists to figure out what the best options are for your company. At the end of the day the most important thing is maintaining happy and productive work environments, so your efforts will be well rewarded.

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