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Do you need CPE, but can’t attend Dallas Fort Worth Area IMA dinner meetings?

Starting with the March 21st meeting, the Dallas Fort Worth Area Chapter is pleased to offer live simulcasts of our meetings, subject to speaker approval. When members cannot attend the physical meeting, they will have the opportunity to watch the presentation in streaming video and earn CPE. Initially, during the startup phase, there will be no charge for members who participate; however, longer term there will be a charge (amount is yet to be determined). The presentations will not be recorded; consequently, they will only be available during the live simulcast.

Participants will be required to register in advance (by March 15th for this month’s meeting). Those who do will receive the link and instructions for joining the meeting. CPE will be available for those who participate for
the required amount of time and confirm their participation at various points in the presentation. More details will be available on the website and in the meeting notices.

Please be aware that bandwidth and security limitations of your internet connection may prevent you from participating and earning CPE. Please let us know if and when that happens.

The topics for the March 21st meeting are:

  • 5:30 – 6:20 PM Professional Development Session – “Supply Chain Management in the Modern Oil Patch” by Stacy Palmatary (Vice President of Supply Chain, Occidental Oil & Gas Corp.)
  • 7:20 – 8:10 PM Technical Session – “The CFO as an Operational Partner” by Jeff Richard (Executive Vice President and CFO)

For more information or the register, go to

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