A Helpful Guide to Handling Personality Conflicts at Work

personality conflicts at work

Personality clashes at the office cause tension and reduce productivity. It can be not easy to reconcile different work styles and value systems, but colleagues need to find a way to get along. If you’re losing your patience, consider these tips before you say something that you’ll regret to the guy in the next cubicle. […]

Five Ways to Get More From Your Job

happy on the job

Unless you’re independently wealthy or have the luxury of being provided for, you probably need to have a job. Finding one you like and that you can live with can be challenging! But regardless of what position you have, you can get more from your work. You don’t always have to change jobs to be […]

Ace Your Job Interview: Tactics for Practicing

job interview

Looking for a job doesn’t appeal to many people, but it’s a standard part of adulthood. At some point, you’re either going to be let go from a job or dislike a job enough that you’ll do anything to make a career change. A job interview is always required for anything substantial. Most of us […]

Finding Purpose at Your Job

find your passion

Is your job a source of stress and frustration? Do you dread each time the alarm sounds? Does your work fail to ignite passion in your heart? Believe it or not, your career can provide both the income you need and the fulfillment you crave!  Add To Your Skill Set One of the reasons your […]

The Many Ways that Hobbies Add to Your Life

how to add hobbies

If you don’t have a hobby, you could probably use one. There’s more to life than work and maintaining your home. A hobby is something just for you. It’s to make you happy and not anyone else. It’s a little slice of heaven that you can rely on to lift your spirits. Think about your […]

How to Develop Your Strengths

how to develop your strength

Everyone has unique talents and strengths, but whether we’ve discovered and actively developed them is the real question! Maybe we’ve been told that we’re good at something, but we let our skills go untapped while we wait for the confidence and courage to take action. There are even some people whose self-esteem is suffering to […]

A 5 Minute Guide to Amazing Self-Talk

Self-talk is a soundtrack that’s constantly playing in your head, and its impact is dramatic. The conversations you have with yourself help determine your emotions and actions. Learn about the different types of self-talk and how to use them to your advantage. Self-Talk in General  Raise your awareness. Self-talk is so natural that you may […]

Build a Strong Work Ethic and Get Things Done

We often hear that success is the result of hard work. Hard work does pay off, but not everyone has the right work ethic to put in a full day of work. It’s common to daydream, avoid work, and procrastinate. A strong work ethic is both useful and admired. Many of the most successful people […]

What Every Employee Needs To Know About Initial Probation Periods

When starting a new job, you may find yourself facing an initial probation period. In these hard economic times where there is stiff competition for jobs, more and more companies are instituting probation periods for newly hired employees. Read on to discover the ins and outs of these probation periods and how you can take […]

A Beginner’s Guide to Conducting an Effective Training Session

Maybe you’re nervous because your boss expects you to pull together a workplace training event, and this is your first time having to do something like this. Relax and use this step-by-step guide to prepare and lead a rewarding training session to make participants want to come back for more. Preparing for Your Training Session […]