14 Career Tips to Help You Brush Up on Your Soft Skills

brush up your soft skill

For many job hunters, describing their soft skills can be the hardest part of applying for a new position. You’re prepared to send your transcripts and discuss your sales record, but how do you prove that you’re a team player or early adopter? In case you don’t already know, hard skills are the job-specific education […]

12 Signs That You Are Being Too Self-Critical

It’s admirable to do your best and attempt to be the best person you can be. It only makes sense to examine your negative results in life and try to do better the next time. But it’s also easy to become too self-critical. A high level of self-criticism is detrimental to success and good mental […]

Set Yourself Free by Leaving Your Past Behind

Everyone has a past. You’ve experienced exciting moments and beautiful memories that you’ll keep with you forever. Yet, you’ve also likely been through situations that were challenging and full of heartache. Certain things are always better left in the past. But how? Put this knowledge to work to let go of your past actively: Avoid […]

8 Ways to Love Yourself More

You deserve love just as much as anyone else. If you can’t love yourself, who can you love? While it’s noble to sacrifice yourself for others, you’re important too. When you make an effort to be kind to yourself, you’re in a better position to be kind to everyone else in your life. Let go […]

How to Fight Boredom and Become More Motivated at Work

Having trouble finding the motivation you need to get things done at work? When you begin an exciting project, it’s easy to find the motivation you need. Maintaining that level of motivation every day, however, can be a challenge. Sometimes, your work is just downright boring! Just remember that you’re not alone in your feelings. […]

13 Simple Ways to Shake Off the Jitters Before a Job Interview

Job interviews often stir up conflicting emotions. You’re excited about the opportunity to advance your career, but anxious about the impression that you’ll make. A few simple steps can help you to feel more at ease. Calming Your Mind It’s natural to feel anxious, but advantageous to keep it from showing. Looking relaxed helps you […]

The Complete Guide to Confidence on the job in competitive workplace

As far as the workplace is concerned, times are certainly changing. You’re no longer confined to a dedicated workspace with specific duties. The employees who are treasured are the ones who contribute the most to the organization. With less jobs available these days, you have to work harder in order to keep yours. And that […]

SEC Enforcement: The current landscape – Dallas Fort Worth Area Chapter

Join the Dallas Fort Worth Chapter as we learn more about how the Securities and Exchange Commission enforces regulations. SEC Enforcement: The current landscape Date:  August 20, 2020, 11:30 AM Topic: SEC Enforcement: The current landscape Speaker:  Brad Mroski, Managing Director, AlixPartners LLP Objectives: • Overview of accounting/reporting/auditor enforcement program • How companies and individuals get on […]

Underemployment is there a silver lining to it

Enjoy Job Satisfaction Even if You’re Overqualified for Your Position Underemployment is rampant these days among middle-aged executives who have been laid off and recent college graduates who are struggling to land their first job. If you’re trying to figure how to be content with your career when you find yourself in a position that […]

What values should your chosen recruitment firm have?

Whether you are a client organization or candidate, there’s a lot that you’ll need to think about when deciding on a recruitment agency. You’ll have to give careful thought to the type of recruitment company that you choose, for example – an agency that recruits for a specific industry, such as accounting and finance, typically […]