Getting a Job Using Linkedin: Part I

In this two part series, we will discuss methods for obtaining employment using Linkedin. Job searching using Linkedin can make your efforts more efficient and give you an edge through networking. The first step is to build a stellar profile as your profile not only reveals who you are but also demonstrates that you have references from colleagues and past employers. In setting up your profile you must take your time. It is not a process that you can or should sprint through. It requires a lot of thought and set up properly can transform your page into a page of distinction. Your profile will be the foundation and strength to you Linkedin presence online and be placed prominently in the Google rankings should someone run a Google search on your name.


Before you can set up even the most basic profile, you need to determine your target contacts and your overall goal in searching for employment. According to your niche decide what your profile persona will reflect. Make sure your headline and all the information on the profile reflect the image you are trying to project. Keep it friendly but remember that your prospective employer does not need or want to hear about how you think “the Dallas Cowboys rock”.

The next concern in building a stellar profile is to gain connections that help you to build on your own reputation and elevate your online status or value. In part II we will discuss how Linkedin has unique features that allow you to obtain “expert status” that can be authenticated by peers in your niche.

The headline or title line of your profile should zero in on what you offer or do, why working with you is beneficial and why you can meet their needs. If you can manage to spark off an excited response in the reader while making it appear natural your profile will be better for it. Your headline is your big chance to shine so think it through. You must incorporate into your profile the keywords that will not only appear natural in your headline but also lead employers or recruiters to YOU when they search. In addition, your profile will be viewed by others with whom you may want to connect. Connections want to know if you are a suitable match for their network.

Last but not least, your profile should contain a professional headshot if at all possible. The position you wish to acquire should dictate the type of headshot to use in the profile. Keep your photograph realistic by posting one that is up to date and a good reflection of your current appearance. We all love Photoshop and it can work miracles but try to keep it as realistic as possible.

In Part II we will discuss the details of establishing connections and networking, setting up your links, how you can obtain and use information as it pertains to your industry and how to obtain that expert status on Linkedin.


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