Managing Your Career as a Recent Accounting Graduate

You have put in the time and worked hard to graduate. Your dream is to have a productive career with upward mobility and be financially stable. The following are tips to help you manage your career as you graduate and enter the job market.

The most important aspect of managing your career is to make a study of those in the position you hope to attain. Finding a mentor or role model is extremely helpful as you may examine their work ethic, abilities and ways of thinking. What are their habits and personal goals? Be certain to study your competition as well.
Cop an attitude! When you have made the “short list” for a position it is a given that you are qualified for the job. What can make or break your efforts is your attitude. Are you a team player? How do you handle stress and office relations? Are you not only willing but eager to learn new things? Are you constantly striving to improve your skill set? Your attitude shows so keep it positive. Make sure that when you are answering interview questions that you are totally comfortable and truthful with all the information on your application or CV. If you feel anxious or edgy, practice your response or don’t risk it.

After you win the coveted position, there are a new set of challenges to face. Do your job and do it well. Be willing to go above and beyond to shine and ask the right questions to get noticed. Build a circle of professionals around you to garner ideas and draw strength. One way to easily build relationships is to participate in social media outlets. Linkedin is hands down the best social networking resource out today. (see- In addition to building a viable network you can use social media platforms to expand your knowledge of current events or news in your chosen field.
Prepare using these guidelines and win the success you have dreamed of.


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