Discover the difference with Mary Ann Markowitz & Associates – a premier recruitment service specializing in Finance and Accounting roles, delivering personalized, professional results across the United States.

Accounting and Finance Recruitment Services



When looking to hire a permanent employee, MAM Recruiting for staffing, ensures that a thorough process is followed to provide the client with the best candidate. You as a client engage in our services so that the search is undertaken in a professional but timely manner. That’s why we thoroughly search all potential avenues.



As a recruitment company, Mary Ann Markowitz & Associates (MAM) for staffing, allows us to provide you with candidates that will assist you with projects and contracts that can last from a month to as long as it takes to complete your requirements. This could be for a system implementation to completing the year-end audit to maternity cover.



When time is against you, Mary Ann Markowitz & Associates (MAM for staffing, ensures you are not left in a predicament where you don’t have the personnel in place to cover your employment needs. This could be for unforeseen circumstances such as illness, resignation, or a time deadline that couldn’t be met. It is important to ensure you have professionals ready to go at the drop of a pin, and we can provide them for your hiring needs.

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Mary Ann Markowitz & Associates (MAM), a Dallas provider of accounting and finance recruitment services. We deliver a proven and traditional style of service. It is personal and professional, engaged and involved so that employers and candidates can come together to achieve optimal success and results. To MAM, a talent match is more about a connection than a contract; it must satisfy all parties and fulfill a purpose. The process must solve problems, answer questions, be deliberate, calm, progressive and personal. That’s the MAM difference. Clients—employers and candidates—remain clients for life. They know whom to call, whether it’s a Corporate Controller position or a billing clerk. It’s a premier recruitment service that corporations, HR executives, and finance and accounting executives depend on.

For many, tax season brings its fair share of headaches. Organizations, businesses, and individuals all rely on tax associates to make the filing process easier and to help them navigate the complex landscape of taxes, from preparation to audits.

MAM specializes in connecting companies with the best financial and accounting talent available and offers services in three ways: Executive Search, Temporary/Permanent Placement, and Consulting Services.

Executive Search

Temporary and Permanent Talent Placement

Hiring and Placement Consulting

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