Finding the best CIA or CISA for an accounting auditor position

Businesses need an accounting auditor to make sure that they are compliant, that risks are mitigated, and that spending is done most efficiently.

Without auditors, companies may end up providing false information that may later turn into scandalous news.

Finding the right CIA or CIA for an auditor position is crucial for a company’s integrity or growth. Here are some guides for hiring managers when it comes to profiling a candidate for this position.

So how does the work of an accounting auditor differ from a standard accounting job? And how should this affect your sensibilities as a recruiter?


Accounting auditors are good at finding opportunities

Accounting auditors scrutinize a company’s spending and identify areas of opportunity. Besides minimizing spending, they also look into a company’s business practices and provide input when it comes to compliance, risk, and governance. 

When hiring an accounting auditor, finding the perfect match becomes more important than ever. The size and complexity of a company must be suitable for the skills and expertise of the accounting auditor.


What makes a good accounting auditor?

Hiring managers need to keep an eye on these top traits:

  • Time management
  • Ability to work under stress
  • Eye for detail
  • Great communication skills
  • Conflict handling

Accounting auditors deal with strict deadlines and may need to process large amounts of data. Finding gaps in spending requires patience, dedication, and a sharp eye.

And when it comes to reporting, they must be ready to challenge other people’s opinions and resolve conflicts that may arise from their findings.


The importance of assessing potential

MAM Recruiting understands the importance of an accounting auditing role. That’s why we make sure to fully recognize our candidates’ potential before connecting them with you. Get in touch with us today, so we can discuss your needs and connect you with the best candidate.


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