Finding the right candidate for an accounting firm

With thousands of accounting jobs available, finding the right person can be a challenge. Competition is tight in candidate-driven markets. CPA’s can choose to work as an accountant for a small business, work remotely, or join an accounting firm.

If you’re recruiting for an accounting firm, understanding the candidate’s motivation becomes more important than ever.


The ability to handle stress in an accounting firm

Work-life balance is a key concern for accounting professionals. But there are still some accountants who find joy in what some would consider a “dull and non-glamorous” career.

When talking to candidates, make sure to carefully explain the job description. Having a clear idea of the responsibilities required helps accounting professionals manage the stress involved in working at an accounting firm.


Earning potential and professional growth in an accounting firm

Are you hiring for a small accounting firm or a large accounting firm? Ask yourself what motivates a candidate: is it professional growth or earning potential?

For example, a small accounting firm can provide professional growth that can be unattainable in a larger firm. However, it can come at the cost of a lower earning potential.

Choosing either direction doesn’t mean that a candidate is compromising their earning potential or their chances for a promotion. Every candidate has nuances that require careful understanding. Through long-standing relationships with hiring managers, MAM Recruiting intuitively knows how a candidate’s motivation aligns with that of a hiring manager’. 


The importance of finding the right match

It might seem like recruiting for an accounting firm is an easier task, but it’s not. The hiring process also requires careful thought and consideration to make sure that connections lead to meaningful careers.

At MAM Recruiting, we help recruiters find the best candidate for an accounting firm. Our promise is that candidates go on to fill their respective roles for the years to come. Get in touch today and let’s talk about your options.


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