Is Your Job Description On Point?

As a hiring manager, you know that writing a detailed job description is of paramount importance. It ensures that both parties are aligned and entering a conversation with similar ideas in mind.

Job descriptions ensure that candidates are fully aware of the duties expected of them. It’s more than just a hiring manager’s document outlining key responsibilities and tasks. 

When written and discussed the right way, candidates can better decide if the opportunity is a good fit.


The cost of a poorly written job description for hiring managers

Without a thorough understanding of key responsibilities and tasks, candidates will have a difficult time onboarding a company or fulfilling their day-to-day roles. This can result in the following scenarios:

  • Loss of profit due to inefficient operations
  • High turn-over rates for applicants with poor fits
  • Poor job satisfaction for the candidate
  • Unnecessary stress for hiring managers
  • Low return of investment

We believe that there’s a perfect candidate for every role. Every accounting professional has their own specialties, strengths, and advantage over other candidates. It’s only a matter of finding the right company or business for them to work with.


What a connector can do for you

MAM Recruiting takes out the guesswork involved in the recruiting process. We make sure that candidates fully understand your job description and they are perfectly clear about the role. 

Get in touch with us to find the best MAM Recruiting helps you find the best candidates only.  match today. Our promise is to make the hiring process more meaningful for you and the candidate. The goal is to build relationships that will last for years and keep respective roles filled in the years to come.


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