How Offering A Few Remote Working Days Increases Job Applicants

With the lowest unemployment rate in 50 years and with thousands of accounting jobs available, candidates have more choices than ever. This includes the chance to work remotely, which increases the number of job applicants.

As a hiring manager, how do you find the best candidate for remote accounting roles? Does the concept of “remote” have any effect when it comes to choosing the right applicant? Certainly!


Why hiring managers need to consider offering remote working days

The option to work remotely, even for only two days per week, can increase the number of interested applicants. It makes the search much easier for hiring managers, but there’s a catch: there will be a greater need for determining if a candidate is fit enough for the role. 

Just because a remote position sounds convenient, it doesn’t always mean that a position is ideal for them in the long run.

By carefully explaining to candidates what’s involved in a remote role, mistakes can be avoided. Briefing, rapport-building, and matchmaking can take additional time in the hiring process. This can be tiring for hiring managers, but with the help of a connector, the process becomes much easier.


Common concerns for remote job hiring managers

Some of the questions that candidates need to answer:

  • What forms of support are available to me once I’m on the job?
  • How is communication made possible
  • How are workflows implemented?
  • How does working remotely affect how I perform my role?

The wrong assumptions about a role can cause confusion, reduced productivity, and job satisfaction. This can’t be more true for a remote position!


Takeaways: Offering remote days when recruiting

Just adding 2 days of remote work per week can increase the number of job applicants. More applicants are interested in flexibility and convenience nowadays. But It requires a different level of commitment, together with an understanding of processes and workflows.

MAM Recruiting understands that no two remote environments are ever the same, and both candidates and hiring managers must acknowledge the differences.

When hiring for a remote role, the importance of profiling your candidate cannot be understated. Get in touch with us today and so we can discuss your recruitment strategy and help you connect with only the best candidate.


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