How to Achieve and Maintain Work and Life Balance

At some point in our lives, we have all attempted to juggle our work obligations with those of our life outside of work. It can be a daunting task with seemingly no end in sight. In our hectic day to day lives we can lose sight of the need for balance and become overly stressed showing all the tell-tale signs of burn out. “I am young and I can handle this” or “It’s only for a few years” are ideas that can lead you down the path of losing control and enormous suffering in all areas of your life. How can we maintain balance in our lives when we are burdened with endless tasks daily?

First you must you must prioritize your main concerns. At work you must deal with the most important tasks first and not be afraid to delegate the rest to a competent co-worker or underling. You must know that there is not one employee that is of such importance to the company that they cannot be replaced if necessary. Trying to make yourself indispensable to the company is a strategy that will backfire and cause you untold stress on the job and at home. Delegate or get help….learn it and live it.

Away from your work you must make the time and create opportunity for yourself and/or your family to spend quality time participating in activities that you enjoy. Find a hobby or activity you enjoy that takes your mind off your problems or stress at work. You deserve some therapeutic alone time to recharge your batteries and keep you happy and in peak performance when you return to work.
In conclusion, if you are a workplace manager or decision maker on company policy take the initiative to find out what changes employees desire and implement a policy for work and life balance for all. Be certain to convey the information to employees so they may benefit and also train managerial staff on how to implement the policy.


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