At Mary Ann Markowitz & Associates, we specialize in recruiting the best candidates for finance and accounting positions. With our extensive network and expertise, we can help you find the perfect frt for your team.


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I’ve been a recruiter since 1990, and my days are filled with helping people with crucial life decisions related to their careers. I can help you too.

As an executive recruiter and the founder of MAM Recruiting, I specialize in finding and placing top talent in accounting, finance, and HR positions. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, I have built long-term relationships with clients and candidates, providing superior service and solutions that meet their needs and goals.

I leverage my extensive network of over 26K connections, innovative recruiting methods like video emails, and strategic intervention coaching skills to engage and empower active and passive candidates. I also have a proven record of screening and interviewing candidates effectively. My mission is to unveil each candidate’s potential and open the door to new possibilities for them and their employers.


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MAM is the best provider of accounting and finance recruitment services. Tell us about your skill, experience, and goals, and we’ll help you find the right opportunities for you. Executive Search, temporary or permanent, we connect professionals with roles. The process must solve problems, answer questions, be deliberate, calm, progressive and personal. That’s the MAM difference! Clients—employers and candidates—remain clients for life. To MAM, a talent match is more about a connection than a contract; it must satisfy all parties and fulfill a purpos
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