At Mary Ann Markowitz & Associates, we specialize in recruiting the best candidates for finance and accounting positions. With our extensive network and expertise, we can help you find the perfect frt for your team.

6-Step Success Process

To attract the right talent at the right time, we need to have an efficient recruitment process in place. Here at MAM, we follow a 6-step Success process that helps us find, attract and retain the right kind of candidates. The steps are:
In-depth analysis of position specifications, careful gathering of requirements with a “Value” focus, results-oriented experience which effectively “sells“ company attributes so the most successful candidate is retained.
Strategic planning for the most effective means for sourcing target candidates. Extensive integration of industry resources, virtual communities, magazines, and proven, cold.
Supported by an extensive database of candidates and companies, potential candidates are actively sought from direct competitors and parallel industries located locally. And, unique approaches including video emails.
The most important step in the process. Combining behavioral and targetedinterviewing techniques, clients are ensured that the candidates presented posses all necessary,as well as many desired skill sets which will prove their value as an exceptional performer within.
We love to personalize the approach and have used video interviewing well before 2020. Complete and honest feedback coupled with tailored advice during the entire interview process thus ensuring a smooth and seamless hiring transition.
Consultation and negotiation of all elements surrounding an employment offer.“Hands-on” involvement to ensure that the candidate identified…gets hired and stays hired.
These steps have helped us simplify and streamline our recruitment process. But we haven’t ended it there. We frequently monitor it to see how it’s performing, which helps us keep it optimized.

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