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Though based in Dallas, Texas, MAM Recruiting has clients throughout The United States who partner with us to hire top talent for their Finance and Accounting Departments. No matter where your needs are, we can provide our remarkable job placement services to you.

Mary Ann Markowitz is the connector, adviser, supporter and facilitator for individuals within a company who seek top-notch talent of all types—permanent or temporary, full time or part time, Since her company Mary Ann Markowitz & Associates, formed in January 2003, Mary Ann has resisted the typical recruitment approach to the matchmaking between businesses and job candidates—a high-volume, transaction-focused, commission-driven flurry that pushes talent in and out of organizations.

Mary Ann delivers a proven and traditional style of service. It is personal and professional and engaged so that employers and candidates can come together to achieve optimal success and results. To Mary Ann, a talent match is more about a connection than a contract; it must satisfy all parties and fulfill a purpose. The process must solve problems, answer questions, be deliberate, calming, and personal. That’s the Mary Ann Markowitz & Associates difference. Clients, employers, and candidates, remain customers for life. They know who to call. It’s a premier recruitment service that corporations, CEO’s, HR executives, and Finance and Accounting managers, and many others depend on.

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Mary Ann Markowitz

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