No One Calling You Back?

It can be very frustrating not to be called back. However, there could be a valid reason. Too often you call and ask for information that is important to you. The hiring authority does not see the benefit to them to call you back.
Rather than asking for an update, offer to provide them with additional information. Instead of asking a question, offer new solutions to their problems. Instead of an email, send them additional positive references. Instead of asking for information, send samples of your work.
•    Hiring authorities will call you back if they see the benefit to them.
•    Hiring authorities will call you back if they think you will make them look good.
•    Hiring authorities will call you back to obtain additional information.

Leave a different message and you WILL be called back!


It’s time to review your job search activities in the past three months. You can learn from your failures as much as your successes. Consider the following questions:
1.    How many hours do you spend on your job search each day?
2.    Have you set minimum daily standards for your search?
3.    Do you accomplish these standards each day?
4.    How many hiring authorities have you talked to?
5.    How many interviews have you scheduled?
The answers to these questions can provide you with insight on whether your search is moving forward, in neutral or going in reverse. Today is the best time to put your job search in high gear. Set and attain daily standards, re-contact everyone in your personal and professional network, call all past employers and co-workers, attend job fairs and networking events and take advantage of the hiring that will be done in the last quarter of this year!

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What Differentiates You From Other Job Seekers?

You must know and be able to communicate the answer to this question in order to receive job offers. Imagine for a moment that you are up against two other job seekers who have the same education, experience and expertise that you possess. Why should someone hire you?

These factors are also considered in the hiring process.
Which job seeker demonstrated…

* the strongest interest in the opportunity being offered?
* the highest level of confidence in their ability to do the job?
* knowledge of the company as well as the job being offered?
* the ability to fit into the company culture?
* talents which would enhance current team members?
* a track record of accomplishments and how they impacted past employers?
* the ability to make the hiring authority “look good!”

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