How to Achieve and Maintain Work and Life Balance

At some point in our lives, we have all attempted to juggle our work obligations with those of our life outside of work. It can be a daunting task with seemingly no end in sight. In our hectic day to day lives we can lose sight of the need for balance and become overly stressed showing all the tell-tale signs of burn out. “I am young and I can handle this” or “It’s only for a few years” are ideas that can lead you down the path of losing control and enormous suffering in all areas of your life. How can we maintain balance in our lives when we are burdened with endless tasks daily?

First you must you must prioritize your main concerns. At work you must deal with the most important tasks first and not be afraid to delegate the rest to a competent co-worker or underling. You must know that there is not one employee that is of such importance to the company that they cannot be replaced if necessary. Trying to make yourself indispensable to the company is a strategy that will backfire and cause you untold stress on the job and at home. Delegate or get help….learn it and live it.

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Managing Your Career as a Recent Accounting Graduate

You have put in the time and worked hard to graduate. Your dream is to have a productive career with upward mobility and be financially stable. The following are tips to help you manage your career as you graduate and enter the job market.

The most important aspect of managing your career is to make a study of those in the position you hope to attain. Finding a mentor or role model is extremely helpful as you may examine their work ethic, abilities and ways of thinking. What are their habits and personal goals? Be certain to study your competition as well.
Cop an attitude! When you have made the “short list” for a position it is a given that you are qualified for the job. What can make or break your efforts is your attitude. Are you a team player? How do you handle stress and office relations? Are you not only willing but eager to learn new things? Are you constantly striving to improve your skill set? Your attitude shows so keep it positive. Make sure that when you are answering interview questions that you are totally comfortable and truthful with all the information on your application or CV. If you feel anxious or edgy, practice your response or don’t risk it.

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Getting a Job Using Linkedin: Part I

In this two part series, we will discuss methods for obtaining employment using Linkedin. Job searching using Linkedin can make your efforts more efficient and give you an edge through networking. The first step is to build a stellar profile as your profile not only reveals who you are but also demonstrates that you have references from colleagues and past employers. In setting up your profile you must take your time. It is not a process that you can or should sprint through. It requires a lot of thought and set up properly can transform your page into a page of distinction. Your profile will be the foundation and strength to you Linkedin presence online and be placed prominently in the Google rankings should someone run a Google search on your name.


Before you can set up even the most basic profile, you need to determine your target contacts and your overall goal in searching for employment. According to your niche decide what your profile persona will reflect. Make sure your headline and all the information on the profile reflect the image you are trying to project. Keep it friendly but remember that your prospective employer does not need or want to hear about how you think “the Dallas Cowboys rock”.

The next concern in building a stellar profile is to gain connections that help you to build on your own reputation and elevate your online status or value. In part II we will discuss how Linkedin has unique features that allow you to obtain “expert status” that can be authenticated by peers in your niche.

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How Using Social Media Can Cost You a Job

The following information is a guideline of standard corporate policy on employee use of social media while searching for employment and after being hired. Although social media has tremendous benefits for the user, there are issues and dangers to be aware of to avoid losing your job. Not only do they apply to employees and potential employees but to contractors as well. Companies want their employees to understand that they have strict rules governing your use of social media whether it is Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin or a blog. They know you will participate in social media but expect you to be mindful of their wishes as they pertain to the company.

As an employee one of the most important policies is that you must never represent yourself or the company in a less than honest way. You must always use you real identity and acknowledge that you work for the company. Companies want you to keep all things above board and offer full disclosure. If you choose to write about the competition you must state only facts that you can substantiate. You must make your presentation in a polite and professional manner and answer all feedback or rebuttal the same way.

Another extremely important demand is that you never under any circumstances discuss any legal affairs or ongoing litigation or court cases that involve the company. This includes any other parties involved in the process. It is well known that even anonymous comments can be traced back to the original poster so use caution. In all matters legal or otherwise, protect the company’s privacy and confidential information.

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Jobs have not come streaming rapidly into Dallas overnight and Dallas has lagged other major U.S. cities in wage growth. In a report from Pay Scale, Inc. Dallas wages grew only 0.7% IN 2011. It’s true that Dallas is still below job growth levels of 2009 with only .01% in 2011 compared to Houston’s 2.2 %. However, there are some who see opportunities edging their way up for 2012. “This year could be better” says Keith Phillips, an economist with the Dallas Federal Reserve. He predicts increased job growth of 2% for Dallas-Fort Worth this year. In a recent economic article “Cities with the most new construction” from Forbes, Texas is seeing a surge in new construction with Dallas seeing a growth of 9.5 billion in new construction last year and is expected to see a 9% increase in 2012. The economic climate is still less than robust all across the nation but there is still good news in Dallas these days.

With the nation still struggling since the economic crisis, all is not lost in Dallas. On the bright side, job growth increased at a rather steady pace in 2011 and in the first quarter of 2012. Unemployment came in at 8.3% in January 2011 and has lowered in 2012 to 7.4% Texas as a state placed second best in the country with more than 15,000 new jobs only last September. As a nice addition to positive job growth, the Texas GDP is nominally above the national average. This has encouraged businesses to take root in the Dallas area and more of the unemployed are returning to the job market.

Some of the largest numbers of employment opportunities came from finance, mining, banking, natural resources, hospitality, tourism, government, defense, technology, telecoms, education and medical. Some specific jobs titles on offer in Dallas include the following: Petroleum engineers, network & data analysts, financial examiners, special education teachers, compliance officers, medical assistants, retail and physical therapists.

Jobs are hard to come by in almost every major US city but this year job seekers will have a better chance in Dallas than in almost all other cities. Dallas is one of the few US cities with a more stable and diverse economy.

Dallas Fort Worth Area IMA Spring CPE Conference

March 30, 2012, Hosted by the Dallas Fort Worth Area IMA and University of North Texas at Dallas
Location: University of North Texas at Dallas, 7400 University Hills Blvd., Dallas, 75241 (map)
Parking: Free (permit will be provided at the registration table on the day of the event)
Schedule: 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, registration begins at 8:30 AM

This one-day conference provides you a unique opportunity to hear from outstanding speakers and increase your knowledge on six current and very relevant accounting, business, and leadership topics, while earning up to 6 CPE credits. Hear firsthand what these experts have to say.

This event will also provide you the opportunity to visit the state-of-the art campus of the University of North Texas at Dallas, located just south of downtown Dallas, and to enjoy its outstanding facilities.

This workshop qualifies for 6.0 hours of CPE (Dallas Fort Worth IMA is registered with TSBPA). This program will consist of presentations, no prerequisites or advanced preparation required.

Agenda – at – a- Glance

08:30 – 09:00 AMRegistration
09:00 – 09:50 AMTeam Building by Ronald P. Fory, CPA, CMA, CFE, & CFM (Lecturer –
University of North Texas at Dallas, President – The Fory Group, IMA
Regional VP)
10:00 – 10:50 AMIMA’s Managerial Costing Initiative: An Update by Charles R. “Chuck”
Thomas, Jr., PhD, CMA, CPA (Director, Financial Analysis at Southwest
Airlines, member of IMA Managerial Costing Conceptual Framework Task
11:00 – 11:50 AMAn Update of COSO’s Internal Control–Integrated Framework by William
D. “Bill” Schneider, CPA (Director of Accounting at AT&T, member of
AICPA Board of Directors, member of COSO Internal Control Integrated
Framework Advisory Committee)
12:00 – 01:00 PMLunch, including Special Presentation by John Macaulay, CMA (IMA Chair
01:00 – 01:50 PMEconomic Development by Senator Royce West (Texas State Senator and
Managing Partner, West & Associates, LLP)
02:00 – 02:50 PMAmerica’s Energy Future by Marc Hildenbrand (President and CEO of the
March Group, a firm specializing in gas and oil business development)
03:00 – 03:50 PMDo Good & Make Money: The Sustainability Imperative for Management
Accountants by Tom Pryor (Director of the SBDC for Enterprise Excellence
and a growth Coach for TMAC)
04:00 – 05:00 PMNetworking and/or Tour of UNT Dallas

For more information on the topics and speakers, go to

Registration through Dallas Fort Worth Area IMA website,

Price to attend:
• IMA Members – Early Bird by 3/9/12 $60, Normal by 3/23/12 $70, Last Minute after 3/23/12 or at the Door $90
• Young Professional and Academic Members – Early Bird by 3/9/12 $45, Normal by 3/23/12 $55, Last Minute after 3/23/12 or at the Door $70
• Non IMA Members – Early Bird by 3/9/12 $70, Normal by 3/23/12 $80, Last Minute after 3/23/12 or at the Door $99
• Students – Early Bird by 3/9/12 $20, Normal by 3/23/12 $20, Last Minute after 3/23/12 or at the Door $25

Cancellations – please e-mail as soon possible. Refunds will not be made for cancellations made after 5:00 PM on Monday, March 26th. If you do not cancel prior to the deadline, you will not receive a refund for the event. You may alternatively send someone in your placeby notifying

Upcoming Free Job Seeker Training Webinars:

Is Social Media Hurting Your Search?
November 18th @ 9:00 AM PST/10:00 AM MST/11:00 AM CST/12:00 PM EST

Employers often check your Social Media presence before they schedule an interview and almost always before they extend a job offer. During this session you will learn:
• What does your Social Media presence say about you?
• How can you improve your Social Media presence?
• What should you check out about yourself today?


No One Calling You Back?

It can be very frustrating not to be called back. However, there could be a valid reason. Too often you call and ask for information that is important to you. The hiring authority does not see the benefit to them to call you back.
Rather than asking for an update, offer to provide them with additional information. Instead of asking a question, offer new solutions to their problems. Instead of an email, send them additional positive references. Instead of asking for information, send samples of your work.
•    Hiring authorities will call you back if they see the benefit to them.
•    Hiring authorities will call you back if they think you will make them look good.
•    Hiring authorities will call you back to obtain additional information.

Leave a different message and you WILL be called back!


It’s time to review your job search activities in the past three months. You can learn from your failures as much as your successes. Consider the following questions:
1.    How many hours do you spend on your job search each day?
2.    Have you set minimum daily standards for your search?
3.    Do you accomplish these standards each day?
4.    How many hiring authorities have you talked to?
5.    How many interviews have you scheduled?
The answers to these questions can provide you with insight on whether your search is moving forward, in neutral or going in reverse. Today is the best time to put your job search in high gear. Set and attain daily standards, re-contact everyone in your personal and professional network, call all past employers and co-workers, attend job fairs and networking events and take advantage of the hiring that will be done in the last quarter of this year!

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